The Owlet was born out of Elijah Olusehinde Kolawole’s frustration at the inefficiency of physical markets. He saw the problems people faced with buying from a physical marketplace and the strife of running a business and felt there was a better way. Every day, he watched as mothers (expecting, nursing, and aged) struggled with buying and selling, young students struggled to combine their academic life with a small business, workers grappled with full-time work and a side hustle. The overcrowding in the physical markets is menacing, and factoring in the ever-present danger of insecurity in Nigeria, something had to be done to improve commercial shopping. On both sides of the coin (business owner and consumer), physical markets are not good enough.

Elijah sought to build a better bridge between business owners and their customers. He wanted to build a better marketplace that offers a better experience. That dream birthed The Owlet, an online marketplace where traders/professionals can display their goods and services for customers to make purchases and hire them. It is a digital market, an easy-to-navigate market that allows entrepreneurs to earn more from their businesses even without a physical shop. For customers, The Owlet makes shopping easier, safer, and more convenient.

On The Owlet, business owners can build a store and list all their products. Customers can then make orders, and The Owlet will pick these orders and deliver them in pristine condition. The Owlet provides a faster, easier, safer, and more convenient shopping experience for customers while allowing business owners to sell more and earn more at their convenience. The Owlet brings both parties online and connects them. 

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