Terms and Conditions

The Owlet Terms of Service

The Owlet aims to connect business owners to customers. We want to help entrepreneurs to expand their
business, reach, visibility, and sales. It is an online marketplace that makes it easier to gain new customers
as businesses/freelancers can reach a wider variety of customers who may not have heard of their product
or service.

- Inappropriate Posts
You are not allowed to post lewd, obscene, or graphic images. You are also not allowed to post sexual
photos of any kind. You are not allowed to post partially nude or completely nude photos

- Age Limit
You must be at least 13 years old to use this service.

- Password Security
You are to protect your password and guard access to your account. You are accountable for every activity
performed under your user name. You are solely accountable for your conduct on the app. You are also
responsible for any text, audio, video, graphic, photo, profile, audio, and link (content) that you submit,
post, and display on the Owlet.

- Rules of engagement
You must not abuse, harass, or threaten other owlet users. Abusive language or any form of online
harassment can lead to suspension or even deletion of account. There is no tolerance for abusive users and
reports of abusive language are taken seriously.

- Copyright Laws
You must not violate copyright laws. You must not violate intellectual property rights.

- Spamming
You must not send multiple unsolicited messages that can be diagnosed as spam.

Data Policy
What kind of data do we collect?
We collect;

- Personal information
We collect your personal data in order to provide you with the best products and services. We collect, use,
and store identity data, contact data, delivery address, and financial data. We collect data on how you use
the Owlet, the various types of content you view/engage. We also study the features that you use
frequently and the actions you take in order to create a better product. We study the accounts you interact
with. We collect data on account activity. We track the time, how long, and how frequently you use the
Owlet app.

- Transactions
We keep records of transactions performed on the app. We keep a record of accounts and bank
information on transactions performed on the Owlet app. This is to prevent fraud and reduce
How do we use this information?
We use consumer data to;

- Personalize and continuously improve the app
We use your information to bring you a more personal experience when using the app. We also use the
data to improve the product. We use the information to provide notifications for preferences, options, and
so much more.

- For analytics and marketing
We use data from you to analyze what you want and how to bring it to you. We collect data to measure
the efficacy of marketing strategies. We track analytics to see how we can improve our service to you. We
track the raw numbers and use them for marketing and improving your consumer experience.

- Security
We collect data to ensure user security, prevent harmful conduct, block spam and ensure a digitally
healthy and safe environment for our users.
NB: We reserve all rights not expressly granted. We also reserve the adjust the data policies as we see fit

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